Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hair Update

Hey friends...yesterday ended an 18 week stretch for me. I really think I could've stretched longer, but decided to go ahead and relax. I had a lot of new growth which was manageable until about a week ago, but this is probably my fault because I was so busy I really didn't feel like spraying my new growth with Hydratherma Naturals follicle invigorator (makes the new growth lay down and so soft). I had planned to relax at 12 weeks, but with classes and life in general I just kept doing my weekly washes and deep conditioning. Time got a way from me and before I knew it...18 weeks was here. I have been considering trying to go natural, but I don't know yet~this stretch kind of gave me an idea what I would be dealing with. It wasn't so bad, so we'll see.

In the department of new products: I tried Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum and I really like it. It has a wonderful scent and the shine is just beautiful. Now do I like this better than the Hask Pure Shine Serum? I can't really say that I like one any better than the other, but I do like the smell of both of them better than Biosilk. Now, I gotta try Chi and see how it compares. I also got a new flat iron and I love it....Corioliss SXE Hair Straighten Iron. My hair is silky and shiny after using this iron. I will try to add some pics soon...until next time~Many blessings in your hair journey!!!


  1. That's great that you were able to stretch that long with no problems. It's inspiring. I'm like you, I like the Paul Mitchell Serum, but I can't really say if I like it better than Hask, so I'll keep it around. Now I'm not sure if you'll like the CHI, it smells like a mans cologne to me. Let me know what you think.

  2. Thanks, I will let you know if I decide to try it. Right now I guess I gotta be good and use these two up first lol. I have heard that the Chi smells like men's cologne and now that I think about it the Biosilk sort of does too. We'll see...have a blessed day.

  3. Great job stretching so long with no major setbacks.I stop stretch my stretches too when it requires too much time that I don't have to deal with ng.
    I hear lots of good things about Paul Mitchell Skinny serum. Glad you like it.

  4. I don't know if CHI would compare to your other serums. I just purchased the little bottle and after using it twice I realized that it may be a little hyped :( My hair was silky feeling, but to me its smells of chemicals. I like my hair to smell fruity and light.
    Love your Blog by the way, it has a Great Aura about it.

  5. Alright where are the pics you promised? I have a Corioliss, too but I am thinking of upgrading b/c I don't have temp control but htis is a great flat iron. I didn't even think to get another Corioliss, I assumed they were all the same.


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