Sunday, November 7, 2010

21 Days til Thanksgiving Exercise Challenge

Hello friends! I've decided it's time to take my health and fitness to another level. I pay close attention to my hair's health and always say I'm going to exercise only to start a program and never stick with it. I hate going to the gym because I don't really feel comfortable exercising in front of other people.

So, I've had these exercise dvd's sitting around for what seems like forever and rarely use them. On Facebook I'm a member of the group Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds. I have some of her videos and really enjoy doing them when I think about pulling them out. I noticed on Fb and her blog she was having a 21 days til Thanksgiving Challenge to exercise. I decided to take the plunge and try it. It's really a good workout and depending on the dvd's you buy you can focus on various parts of the body as well as walking to better health.  So far, I have made it through week 1 and really feel good about my progress. I'm hoping to see the results that I desire and then I plan to put myself on a challenge like this one for the days before Christmas and New Years as a way to motivate myself to exercise daily.

I have found that when I exercise I feel so much better physically and I sleep better at night. If anyone is interested here's the link to Leslie Sansone's Walk At Home blog:

Disclaimer: I was not asked by Leslie Sansone to promote her challenge. I'm just sharing this information with anyone who might be interested in getting back in the swing of things and exercising.  Til next time~Be blessed my friends!

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