Saturday, May 30, 2009

Makeup Brushes

Hi ladies...I know that there are many brushes used for makeup; some more popular than others. I was considering placing an order from since the brushes start at $1 then you pay shipping. Well, I was on the makeup aisle in my local Dollar Store and saw that they are now carrying some of the Elf brushes for $1. At the time they had 5 of them and I figured this is a cheaper alternative to trying out brushes since I wouldn't have to pay the shipping or wait for an order. At least if I don't like them I didn't pay a whole lot for them. Anyway, I am not sure if they are going to carry more than just the 5 brushes I saw, but it's worth a try. I just wanted to share and see if any of you ladies have seen the Elf brushes in your local Dollar Store or your opinion of these brushes if you have used them. Blessings til next time...


  1. yeah the one by me has alot of elf products now that i think of it

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  3. Thanks for stopping by...have you used their brushes or other products? I hope this means mine will be getting more things from Elf in the store.


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