Thursday, January 14, 2010

Review of Hair-A-Mania (Bossay) Hair and Body Butter

As I was reading Hair-A-Mania blog I noticed that Mz. Bossay had samples of hair and body butter available to anyone who wanted to try her products out. I requested a sample of the Mad 4 Mango Hair and Body Butter, at no cost to me. I received the body butter last week.

First, let me say that I absolutely loved the scent of her mango body and hair butter. It's a nice subtle fragrance that isn't overpowering at all. I have noticed that sometimes when I purchase body butters from the store they often have a very overpowering scent. I used my body butter for an entire week and love it. My skin is so soft and smooth. Sometimes I notice in the winter that my lotion often needs something extra added to it to give my skin the moisture that it needs. I didn't need to mix anything else or use anything else with the body butter. There were two tests that I used to see if the body butter worked as well as I needed it too. One, I used it on my feet which always seem to be extra dry in the winter living in Missouri. This winter has really been bad, so I needed the extra moisture and softness for my skin. I loved it~after my pedicure my feet were so soft and continued to be so after every use. The second test was my nephew who has eczema and his skin is very dry. It is often very difficult to find a lotion or body butter that will actually work on his skin. Well, the mango hair and body butter did provide the necessary moisture that he needs and even smoothed out rough patches on his skin. Overall, I love this hair and body butter. Mz. Bossay you have a great product here and I wish you lots of success. Have a blessed day!!!

Disclaimer: I was not paid by anyone to review this product. It was sent to me as a free sample to use.