Friday, June 26, 2009

What's Up?

Hello friends, I decided to sort of give an update of what's going on since I haven't posted anything lately about my journey: Btw, I reached my goal of MBL but had to trim so this time I think I won't trim unless absolutely necessary.

1. It's been 20 weeks since my last relaxer and I am trying something new by stretching until I start graduate school in August. I wanna see how far I can go without any problems to determine how I can cut down on the number of relaxers I get per year or possibly go natural without the BC. It's looking good so far and I am actually able to manage the new growth without any problems~no breakage or anything so that's a plus. I will continue with my staple regimen as well and keep you posted. Please feel free to share any stretching tips you may have.

2. Lately I've been getting back into the makeup scene by watching lots of videos and purchasing some different products to try out. One of the products on my must have list is the new 88 warm palette (coastal scents)~I love the colors and I really want to try this out. Now I just need to step out the box and actually try the things I have purchased. I don't know why it's so hard because I used to get up everyday and faithfully put my makeup on. Have you got some makeup tips? Please share I would love to know "-"

3. I graduated on May 9th with my BS in Sociology and have been sort of relaxing for the summer and looking for a job. So far I haven't found anything, but am searching none the less. I am confident that there is something out there for me in my field so I am keeping a positive attitude about this.

That's all for now...please take care and be blessed!


  1. Congratulations on your many accomplishments. You know you have got to be my long lost twin or something b/c I am planning to go natural as soon as I reach my goal length and just trim, at this moment I'm too chicken. Not to mention I am working on a 6 month stretch, my longest stretch being 18 wks, with no issues. It was just becoming too much of a hassle. Now I have half wigs and other protective styling tips that should help.
    I too, have been dipping into the makeup scene and am too afraid to step out of my comfort zone.

  2. Thanks. OMG! I think we are twins...girl my longest stretch was 18 weeks too. Now I was too through when you said the makeup comment~it's official! I am not sure why I feel so afraid to step out in some makeup looks I've done it before. I am wondering if I stretch til August will it become a hassle for me...Idk but I really wanna see. I've been washing and letting it air dry. I don't flat iron unless I have somewhere to go and just put it in bun or braid with some moisturizer and oil. It's working so far. Good luck and keep me posted.


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