Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hello friends, I know it's been a while and I apologize. I have been so busy with grad school and I know if you've been there you will totally understand.

To update a little: I ended my stretch at 32 weeks and it was very successful. I really think I could've went longer, but decided to go ahead and relax since I had some free time to do so. All during my stretch I had no trouble with handling my new growth or anything. I decided to up my air drying instead of using the blow dryer weekly. So, I ended up blow drying maybe twice a month instead of weekly as normal. I air dried using the scarf method (thanks Sunshyne) or by putting my hair in a braid or bun to dry. I decided not to flat iron unless I had church or somewhere else to go that I wanted my hair straight.

Overall, in order to maintain my new growth I made sure to deep condition weekly for at least 45 minutes or longer with a cap on. I made sure that I moisturized and sealed either every day or every other day to make sure my ends were taken care of. Right now my main focus is making sure that my ends are healthy and that I maintain any growth that I have. My hair did grow and once again was at MBL, but I trimmed since it had been 6 months w/out one. So, I am about a 1/2 inch from where I was, but I'm cool with that because I have decided to focus on health before growth. I believe they go hand in hand and I will see the amount of growth I want as well. I am also using Jamaican Black Castor Oil to aid in thickness and growth as well. I think I will try to stretch again for at least 4 months if not 6 months~my main goal is to cut down the amount of relaxers I get each year.

That's all for now...take care my friends and have a blessed evening!


  1. No, thank you for stopping by~have a blessed one!

  2. Wow! 32 weeks, I thought I was doing something at 6 months. Glad you updated us. I was wondering where you were hiding. We understand that life always comes first. Keep on keeping on. Can't wait to here you say GRADUATION!!!! Stay blessed!

  3. LaQT, thanks for the encouragement. I can't wait to hear graduation either. I kept trying to decide when to end my stretch, but it was going so well I just rode it out. It wasn't bad at all. You have a blessed evening!

  4. good luck with your studies. i'm not a grad student yet but I can appreciate how much hard work it is. keep plugging away! and great going with that 32 week stretch!!

  5. Diary of a Hair Obsession~thanks for stopping by and the words of encouragement. I really appreciate it. Have a blessed evening.


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