Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

I have been trying the OCM of cleaning my face once a week for about a month. I mix 50% olive oil and 50% castor oil in a bottle. I pour the oil mix in my hands and rub together to warm the oils before rubbing on my face. I turn the hot water on and wet my wash cloth, then sit the cloth on my face and do a steam cleaning of the skin. Rinse the cloth out and wipe my face clean of any oil left. It is very important not to use the same wash cloth for your next cleansing because it may still have oil and dirt on it. My skin feels so soft and there is no left over oil. I apply witch hazel on as a toner and a light moisturizer.

Yes, my first thought was that putting oil on my naturally oily skin would break me out~well I was very wrong. Not only has this method of cleansing helped clear up the extra oils throughout the day, but my skin is brighter and the few blemishes that I had are actually clearing up. I would've never believed this could happen if I hadn't tried it myself. I will continue to use this method at least once a week.


  1. I hear really good reviews doing this...I'm just so scared to try it...Glad it is working out for you

  2. Thank you, I was very scared too and used my nephew as my guinea pig. We both have very oily skin. The first time I tried it on him he had acne on his cheeks and it dried up over night. I have also heard that you can use other kinds of oils.

  3. I am willing to try this method. I do not have acne prone skin. I would love a method that provides me with softness and a glow. I have smooth, but dry skin.

  4. LaQT, I think if you have the right combination it is probably great for dry skin areas too. You are blessed with some pretty smooth skin. I am going to try adding vitamin e to the mix and see how that works out for blemishes. Let me know if you try it and what you think.


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